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Fix A Sunk Driveway

One of the unfortunate events that can occur when you have a driveway is sinkage. This can happen for multiple reasons: an inferior base installation, drainage problems, or a general shift of the ground underneath.

Of course, other factors play a role, such as under what condition the contractor built the driveway. A standard driveway is suitable for light goods vehicles and cars but cannot hope to sustain the weight of heavy goods vehicles for any significant period.

Another factor is a park that has been left in place for an extended period, months or longer. This can lead to sustained pressure in one area from tyres and cause a depression in the area from the tyres. If you have an older car parked on the driveway, you should get it removed. There is plenty of companies that will happily dispose of non-starter cars and scrap cars for free, even paying small cash fees as well if the vehicle is still worth something. Such an example of a company would be: Scrap My Car in Milton Keynes, which you can call onĀ  07752 222297 or visit their website at

If you have block paving, a simple solution is to take up the sunken driveway area and put a new base foundation into the room. To achieve this, make sure you take at least 1m extra of the site up so you can get the base levelled in to match the rest. Lay back down your paving on top, and it is all fixed.

There is no easy solution with a tarmac driveway, especially from the weight of an old broken down car. It probably will even have oil stains on it from where the old car was leaking fuel as well. You are just better off replacing the complete area instead of fixing it since it will look more like an old patchwork quilt rather than a nice clean driveway area.

If you need help with fixing your driveway, go visit our trade listings to find a contractor in your area.

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